Quantified Self Improvement


Our daily choices are linked to our quality of life and goal achievement. These relationships are largely hidden and differ by individual. Experiments, self-monitoring, and statistical analysis can help us discover the hidden causes behind our state and performance, giving us the information needed to take actions that help us achieve peak state. Experiments and journaling yield unexpected insights into simple behavioral changes that improve our lives – causal links between choices and goals.


Example: Is this multivitamin having any measurable effects? Does the time that I take it matter?

Total Optimal is an app that helps one achieve personal goals by discovering the relationship between daily choices and outcomes. It assists with the tracking of performance (via self-evaluation, journalism, and wearable fitness trackers) and choices made throughout the day. When causal links are suspected between choices and goals, experiments help discover possible relationships. Users actively improve their lives through better choices, informed by machine-learning-powered feedback.

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